Elburg Foods, it's fine food!

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Elburg Foods,
it's fine food!

Chicken Breast Fillet Specialties

Chicken Breast Fillet Specialties

Chicken Wings

Chicken Wings

Breaded and Battered Chicken Breastmeat Specialties

Breaded and Battered
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Elburg Foods is a self-sufficient, independent, private label+ producer of high quality convenience chicken specialties

With more than 40 years of experience in preparing specialties, we can produce what you need. Elburg Foods has access to their own fully automated processing capacity, the newest machines, cooling/freezing storage facilities and means of transportation, all equipped entirely in accordance with the latest European conditions and guidelines.

Elburg Foods stands for consistent quality

Only premium and completely traceable meat is accepted as raw material. We have carefully selected our suppliers. Raw materials, products and the production processes are continuously subjected to strict checking by certified, independent laboratories and external research institutes. Our employees work according to strict quality standards as BRC, High Care-Ready to Eat, McDonalds, Kosher, Halal and Better Life Chicken.

A modern Data Management System provides all of the relevant data and information with one push of the button. Last but not least, capable and concerned employees and management work every today towards producing impeccable specialties that you can sell without any concerns.
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The policy of Elburg Foods is aimed at a long term collaboration with employees, customers and suppliers.

In structured and open discussion we improve business and maximise processes. By doing this we strive to create a win-win partnership.

Good to know!

  • Certified quality: BRC, High Risk-Ready to Eat, McDonalds, Kosher, Halal, Better Life Chicken.
  • Custom made convenience Chicken Breast Fillet Specialties for the Foodservice, Halal retail, Ready to eat and Mobile Snacking markets.
  • Highly efficient production, fully automated packaging.
  • Driven by values, sustainable and fair business.
  • Only chicken and beef, no other meat.
  • Made in Holland by a family company.
Elburg Foods, it's fine food!